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Oh! my friend

The cycle of human life is pretty straightforward. A baby is born, parents build a tree full of emotions like feeling so blessed, happy, joy, dreams, expectations, fear, hope, confusion, amazing, love, pride, stress and many more. Likewise, families, relatives, and neighborhoods would celebrate when they have a newborn. In the period, the kid is pampered with lots of love, grabs the attention with full of innocent smiles, and plays with family members.

When in Kindergarten, mom and dad leave the kid for the first time with half heart, looking at the staff giving a smile which means “take care of our child”. The kid slowly becomes friendly to the staff and plays with other kids around the school.

“There are still some friends who are together from Kindergarten to forever- You are truly a wonder.”

And in the stage of primary school, we meet new people and becomes a friend to some/many. We also get connected while we go to tuition, swimming, music, dance classes. At this stage, parents themselves become good friends.

Secondary school, we have a gang of friends going to school with two braids/ half trousers, spilling ink, playing rock paper scissors, helping to tie ribbons, shoelace, playing in the ground as teams, group of names in the board for talking non-stop in the class. (OmgI am re-living those days while writing this).

Higher secondary friends they still do some naughty things in school, some other cases too are common like all studious people will share bond while studying, preparing for exams, doing assignments, asking doubt, clarifying. Other types can be neighbor friends, same van or bus, sibling(s) friends become our friends, parents friends/colleagues son/daughter becomes our friends.

When we finish our schooling, we get to know teachers who scolded us becomes our friend/well-wisher, whom we thought is having grudge will bid bye with a smile, whom we spent a whole lot of time forgets to hug us.

Entering into another zone “college life” with lots of hopes and expectations. Types of friends vary by class bunkers will all be in the same group, hostel friends are one set, bus-mates, last bench group, first bench group, lab mates, exam seating order friends, xerox shop friends, sports team friends, friends of boyfriend/girlfriend, friends of crush, juniors and seniors, keep going.

One more type of friendship is important these days and they are social media buddies. We hardly know but we get in touch so easily through or likes and path.

Ah… Now college life is done, definitely a job or marriage or higher studies or business or break. The path is not the same for many. But meeting and greeting people is still going to be the same. We start interacting with our parents which is the greatest bliss in everyday routine. Maturity plays a vital role. We select friends not intentionally though, but it happens so. We prefer our choices.

All can’t be but vast go by choices.

Note: This can be changing, school friendship can also be choosy for some, while job life friendship can be co-incidence or vice-versa.

I can’t comment on friendship at the ’30s to ’90s or way more, as I don’t have self-experience (lol) But I can express the opinion, as I see my parent’s friends and grandparents company for walking. They have innocence in their friendship. Like I mentioned in the first line, it’s a cycle that has to come to the starting point to make it complete.

So many people we call as friends right, I truly respect if all the above type of friendship is healthy, genuine to date and you make sure it is not failing and falling But what if it’s not?

What if we miss them at our fast running life?

What if our priorities changed?

What if we feel we need them no more or vice-versa?

What if that friendship hurts?

What if that was not truthful?

What if you have to take a call?

We still have one person to call as “Best Friend“.

Do you need someone to give strong advice for your pain or happiness?

Are you not an expert yourself?

Your journey is not alone. You don’t have to feel you have nobody to share your stories. You don’t need to wait for someone to give time to you. You can still be happier as possible as your best friend is not going to leave you. Yea, Won’t leave “YOU” because of its “YOU“. Can’t you be the best friend for yourself, Yes?

It is completely fair because in 24 hours we tend to spend most of the time with others. The next maximum hour we give is to sleep, where are our mind and body taking rest.

But spending time on yourself is equally important. Speaking to yourself gives you better clarity that you were left helpless. You may cry alone and laugh alone but you become stronger. You stand unique. You are yourself.

I moved out of my house 5 years ago for my studies, job and now married. I speak to my mom and dad for hours and hours, eventually, there was the comfort zone of friendship. I questioned myself if with parents we can be so friendly (whom we get advice that we hate, from whom we hide things initially., etc, etc) Why can’t I be with myself.

I found myself as my best friend….

Your turn now, to call yourself as a best friend. Will you?

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