Art and Beauty of Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher” –The word itself is so joy-whelming right and like how it sounds, it looks so beautiful and classy. But it’s not just a decoring item to the wall.

It has a history behind to be known.

Bet let me tell you, why i chose to write today. Everyday at least once i used to wonder and my mind loses the focus to the dream catcher hanging over my head. (This time it is yellow color). So why not write about my very favorite dream catcher.

I am so excited about writing it today because I always loved dream catchers. The craze started in 2016, along with my friend was walking by Brighton seaside resort beach and found this beautiful piece with pink feathers that were dancing to the sea breeze. Along with this, many other colors were also moving left and right, but my eyes caught to the pink one with a small note saying “As a native American legend is told, by hanging a dream catcher over your sleeping an area the bad dreams will be deterred by the bead in the feathers will attract and allow the good dreams to pass through“.

And that dug my curiosity to know more, from then I have a sweet connection to dream catchers. I started to collect all cute dream catchers around also at the same time I started knowing more about dream catchers.

Origin of Dream Catcher

The dream catcher has been the main part of native American culture for generations. Dream Catchers are made of twigs, sinew, and feathers with red willow were woven by Ojibwa people. But modern dream catchers have their own patterns to attract the audience.

For some its symbol of unity, for some, it helps during harvesting while for many it’s home décor. But the major belief has been the fact that it won’t allow bad dreams to enter into you.

Meaning in Dream Catcher

Have you ever thought about the detailed meaning of a dream catcher? Let me tell you. It is in

Round shape – The circle in the dream catcher represents “Circle of life”. Life is continuously going around in a circle.

Feathers – The hanging feathers holds a meaning that it is the passage for the good dream to fall into the one who is sleeping

Web – The checker inside the circle looks like a web if you have noticed in detail. It is believed that it holds the bad dream not to enter into the one who is sleeping.

Bead – The center of the web has a bead. We might have thought it is for beauty but it represents the spider, which created the web for us to hold the bad dream and to allow the good dream.

Traditional Dream Catcher

(And different colors have different meanings too. But I don’t go into that topic because I preferred picking up the catchy ones.)

“Dreamcatcher, I can see you waving in the night alone. Slow winter and I feel I might get left out in the cold.     Laura Pergolizzi

A person’s dreams can be good and bad but like I mentioned the work of each element in a dream catcher it’s purpose is to allow the positive dream to slip through the web pattern while the negative dreams get caught on the web and expire when the sunray struck at them. That is why it is supposed to hang over your bed above your head.

Interesting? Would you like to grab some to your room. Then click the image below and own it.

More than as home decor, souvenirs, key chains, earring patterns, and a tattoo design it is especially known for nightmares, it helps a person getting disturbed from his/her sleep.

Well, I don’t say its completely true neither i will deny but its a fancy myth.

Modern dream catchers have many designs like half-moon shaped, 3D shapes, and web design be like embroidery patterns, flower patterns, and more than one beads, adding bells, length varying from inches to the foot.

Modern Dream Catcher

The underlying meaning and representation are it is universal and is carried across cultures and language barriers because “everybody dreams”.

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