10 Instagram Photo Ideas for every day

10 Instagram Photo Ideas for every day

Are you an Instagram freak like me? .

Are you tired of choosing which photo to post on your page?

I am definitely too tired. It is not always easy to come up with cool and creative Instagram photo ideas.

When I travel or go out for work, I take hundreds and hundreds of photos of everything, add filters and save it. But I end up posting nothing.

On the other hand, When I am not traveling (almost) or not going out especially time like this quarantine. I have to plan and prepare what to post among the best old pictures and say throwback. Have you been in the same situation?

Let’s get rid of this confusion now itself. (I do understand, all of us are locked inside in this lockdown but don’t worry below ideas can be shot inside your home.)

Read till the end, there is a photochallenge waiting for you.

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I have 10 photo ideas which is full of fun and creative.

  1. Take an outfit of the day.

All you need is a cute outfit and patience to dress up. Dress up and ask someone to take your pic and in other cases, the timer helps for all your crazy poses.

  1. Take a –whereistand (where I stand) picture.

This picture needs nothing, stand firm, and click a picture. Trust me, this works great.

If you are unsure about whereistand type, check this .

  1. Selfie

Basic shot, easy shot, and a very simple shot. But the sad thing here is we don’t get easily satisfied with one selfie. Click as much as you can, till your phone memory doesn’t get drained off and your hand is not paining.

  1. Take a mirror selfie

This is my very own favorite click. Is your face not fully ready to come in front of the camera, then just hide and click a picture standing in front of a mirror.

  1. Picture with your plants

If you have too many plants or you are very passionate about gardening, then this style will be your first choice. Just go and stand in the middle of your plants or arrange in your favorite spot, click candid shots, or a smile please shot. You will enjoy it for sure.

  1. Nature Picture

Are you a nature lover? Then you can click sunrise (if you wake up early) or sunset picture at your tea time, moon, stars, sky, clouds, rain, or rainbow anything. The beauty of this type of picture is you don’t get to capture the same type every day. The universe is unique as we.

  1. Objective photo

You can click whatever you see around you, like a coffee mug, sofa, wall, birds, or anything objective. You be unique, create fun, enjoy.

  1. Foodie picture

All of us are trying new recipes these days. Then why not take a picture and put your efforts into words in the caption section. The picture of your food will always be trending.

  1. Make your own wall

Now you must have covered all the places in your home to click a picture. Now where? You can make your own customised wall using your bedsheet or home screen fabric.

Are you still unsure where to hang? I have idea for that too.

You can hang it to the door and lock it so that the bedsheet won’t fall down and you can stand or sit or create your own picture.

  1. Naaaah! Too much work it is

If you think, all the above 9 ideas need the effort to walk and think. Then scan your gallery, you can post a photo you have posted earlier. You can post it again, you might have gained new followers who haven’t seen it.

These types of pictures can make your page look good and you can use them when you are lost with ideas. Share in the comment box of your favorites. 

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