Her Deadly words

This is so much fun!

Before you proceed reading, I request girls/women not to take it personally nor take it offending. It is completely based on a daily basis and through what we see or what we hear.

It may or may not be right on every girl’s perspective but at least I have been doing it myself at some point.

Female Dictionary is really fun and true.

And this was one picture i clicked when i was wandering around Christmas market in Scotland. Look, it is true, female dictionary.

So to all of us, have you thought, for some simple words it’s dictionary meaning is different but when girls use it (maybe sometimes). It sounds strange with lots of mixed facial expressions?

I realized it lately and found pity on the listener.

I have pulled out some 10 different words that have deadly meaning when used by a female.

When she says it, think twice about the meaning – FEMALE DICTIONARY

  1. Just 5 minutes:

When a girl/woman is getting ready and if she says “five minutes”, it’s not five minutes actually but it drags to half an hour to an hour. I thought it’s only me who is doing but I have noticed movies or tv shows that have this similar scene ends up showing a sad face of the hero or showing the clock running hours and hours.

So five minutes is not five minutes.

Let me tell you on the other end if she is waiting in the coffee shop and friend says “I’m coming in five minutes”. She will call in 4 minutes itself, asking “how long should I wait?”.

Ha haaa! Sounds mixed right. There is a lot more, keep reading and know better.

  1. Nothing:

I use this alot.

When she has a lot of anger or lot running in her mind, and you interrupt and ask “what’s going on?” She says “nothing”. Its meaning is not that there is nothing.

Ask twice and thrice, you hear the same nothing.

But she will then open up, the real thing that is running in her mind.

It’s not that she lied at first. But it is like that, any good reason behind it? Only god knows.  

  1. Thanks:

The term “Thanks” is basically genuine. Because people generally are thankful in nature, most of the time. But sometimes the variation in her tone matters. As far I know, Thanks and thanks a lot with a folded hand meaning “It is enough” or “I never asked for”.

Attitude matters. So observe her gesture and reply back.

  1. Whatever:

Like the previous statement in most of the case, it is the actual meaning itself. But in some scenarios, whatever means “I don’t care” or “better change your opinion”.

  1. Go ahead:

She doesn’t really mean go ahead but saying “do as you wish” which means she doesn’t like it, so she is telling re-think and don’t do.

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  1. Wow:

Ahhh! It’s purely sarcasm. Like someone saying “It’s cold outside”. And she replies “Wow, I didn’t know that”.

Take it chill.

  1. Fine:

When you are not completely listening to her and keep on prolonging the conversation, she says “Ok fine”. She means to say “It’s enough now”.

  1. That’s Okay:

Let’s think about this situation, you promised her to take out and suddenly you need to cancel due to work or some other priority task to be done. You are ringing her to inform “I got some work and I can’t make it for now, so how about next week?” She replies “That’s okay no problem”.

This time, its not really okay. She is definitely upset and also angry on you.

  1. Don’t worry, I got it:

She is telling you to do some work maybe get some groceries and you forgot it first. She reminds you again and you forgot again.

Now she is getting ready to get the groceries and you are telling “I will get that”. Her reply is “Don’t worry, I will get it done”.

Don’t think she is going out of interest. But her mind voice is I told you a million times and you are not doing it, so let me do it (in anger).

  1. Loud self-talk:

If she is talking to herself but loudly, then it’s not about self-talk. It’s for you, knowing that you can hear well. So whatever the concern she is “self-talking” (loudly). Just go and listen.

I am definitely laughing out loud.  Read and enjoy every statement above and drop in the comment box if you have been in this situation or experienced listening to this or anything else that I missed adding to the female dictionary.

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