I’m stressed says many…

This morning I came across this statement and felt strange but it was true. “Stress is caused by thoughts and not by the situation”.

Do you agree like I do?

Stress is something that has become a part of our daily basis. Everyone says “I’m Stressed”. Well, it’s not good to hear so what we should do? How to remove stress? What have we done to get relieved from stress?


Maybe today something is bothering us, tomorrow some other issue will disturb and make us say “I’m Stressed”. This is not a joke, it can lead to illness and many mental issues.

You can’t escape from facing difficulties in your life. But what I believe is you can help yourselves to get relieved from things that are more stressful for you.

Let me share good 10 ways to reduce stress.

I love to simplify big giant things into 10 tips and 10 ways.

1.Practice Positive Self-Talk

This is personally my favorite way of de-stressing. If you have been a good listener then this is the best medicine for you. Consider your situation as your beloved person’s situation. What would you do?

Just sit and listen or help them to convince or give positive energy?

Won’t you say, it will be alright or this too shall pass?

Tell it to yourself. I keep telling this, You are your own best friend.

To know about your bestfriend, read this article.

Pick yourself up when you are down.

2. Get more sleep

Sleep helps your body relax, you reset, and ready to face another day. Sometimes your dream will help you to figure out answers for many of your problems.

Do you know that dreams create magic? If no, then read the magic behind every dream here.

3. Be Grateful

Begin your mornings by saying thanks to everything in your life. You woke up alive, you are still breathing. Thank God for another chance.

Your problems will definitely leave you with a lesson, gives you wisdom. It will make you stronger and better. Every day we learn something out of our experience so stressing on issues leads you nowhere but in worries.

4. Listen to music

Music has the power to change your mood. A sensitive emotional song will make your eyes wet while a folk song will make you tap your feet. Listen to songs that make you to sing-along.

This really works.

5. Read Books

Maybe not many people love reading books but one who does will have a close connection in reading.

Reading not only helps you to escape from your problems at that moment, but it makes you smarter, it helps you to be more creative and influences how you feel and see things in another way.

6. Picture your goals and dreams

Daydreaming can help you reduce stress. Recollect your good old days or about something which you want to happen for a long time. Those favorite part of your life helps you to forget your stress.

7. Stay away from Negative people

Avoid people who say, it won’t work or it’s risky or it’s impossible. It makes your effort and confidence go low. The more you feel weak inside will make you more pressure on handling your life.

8. Manage your time

Plan your day. Plan your week, so that you feel more prepared and things will be in control. If you start thinking about negative or stressful things, then you end up lagging behind with the next tasks.

Planning will help you to stay occupied and it will keep you less stressed.

9. Laugh and smile more.

Laughing and smiling also releases happy hormones that help fighting with stress.

10. Change your perspective

Start seeing the good in everything around you. When you are stressed and you lay on your bed, think the comfort it gives you rather seeing it as a place you seek when upset.

Changing your perspective is important when dealing with any stressful situation. Sometimes we are very judgemental. The same goes for the situation we handle too. But the challenge of seeing the positive side will help you be less in stress life.

Our lives doors are not one always, it constantly keeps opening and closing. The new can be beautiful if you see it that way.

Stress will be part of everyone’s life, but giving it a major portion in your life or ignoring it is in your hands.

I leave it to you to decide. 🙂

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