Your Brand is my Priority

I am Lathika Marshall, a business graduate from the UK, and HR by profession has now turned to a full-time Digital Marketing Strategist. I am a freelancer who found my zeal in creating great Facebook ads and Instagram ads to help entrepreneurs & business owners strategize and scale their business.

Here’s to the brave and the ambitious entrepreneurs.

You had a dream to follow your own path and the courage to make that dream a reality.

Just because you aren’t a marketer, doesn’t mean your ambitions have to be limited. With a focus on cost-effective digital marketing, I specialize in helping business owners achieve big results on realistic budgets.

If you are unsure about where to start when it comes to digital marketing for your business, start with a FREE Discovery Call.

During this call, we will get to know you and your business and help you navigate what is the best approach for you and for your business.

How Can I Help YOU

Social Media ADS

Facebook, Instagram

I will create your paid ad campaigns, develop campaigns that will give your business an extra push it needs. Whether we’re starting from scratch or stepping up your current efforts — we’ll work together to achieve the best possible results. 
From Lead Generation, Launches, Sales, Brand Awareness, and MORE!

Funnel Development

Clickfunnel, Leadpage

You may have a funnel, but is it built right? Are you moving your customers up your Value Ladder? Do you have a Value Ladder?  Starting from scratch with a funnel or having us review current funnels, we have you covered. Need a Value Ladder (not sure what one is?) or have one that needs some help, we have you covered.

Additional Services

Chat Bot, E-mail list etc

If you want to try your campaign via chat bot, that is possible too! We will help on creating one. Also tracking all those email and following up with the list is also provided in our services. Any advice that can be useful for your business growth is provided at Bosslancing.

Book a call NOW to understand if any of those services are the next best step to grow your business.

My Conversion rates

No of leads 26 Cost per lead 7.76 INR Clicks 57 Landing Page 52

Optin 26/52*100 = 50%



I do not guarantee results in numbers, but I do guarantee an effective collaboration where I will input 100% of my time, expertise, effort, and intent to help you reach your GOAL. My strategies and content will make it easy for you to identify and then take, the next steps you need to proceed to grow. I assure you to use your ad spend genuinely that it won’t pinch you when you see the results, and also I plan such that your Ad spend will be a lot lesser than what you would have tried before. I will work with you only if I honestly feel I can help you. If we do work together, I will leave no stone turned to reach our goal, because once we start to work together, YOUR GOAL will be my GOAL.